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About -  Mark Harris Stunt Coordinator New Zealand

Mark Harris, Stunt Coordinator, Stunt Rigger, New Zealand

Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Rigger

Fight Choreographer

With over 34 years experience and  350+ International & New Zealand credits Mark Harris is extremely experienced in all aspects of film stunt work. 


Excelling in the relm of complex stunt rigging sequences for flying Performers & Cameras on Features, TV and Commercials, Mark uses the latest technologies & techniques - including his motion controlled high speed winches & descenders.

Marks latest Driving Pod is also a great asset to the industry getting the actors right amongst the action in a safe enviroment - see on the equipment page.


Please view the other pages on this website to see examples of his work as a well respected Stunt Coordinator, stunt rigger and fight choreographer  in New Zealand and abroad.


Also many videos, photos & behind scenes on the 'Stunt Productions'  facebook page.

CREDITS (stunts)

Features Films



Adrift 1993   Stunt Perfrormer


Boogeyman    Coordinator/ rigger


After The Waterfall    Stunt Coordinator


Bliss    Stunt Coordinator


Bunker Murders    Stunt Coordinator


Cave In    Coordinator/ rigger


Chill factor    Coordinator/ performer


Grass Cutter    Assist Coord/ performer


Crush    Stunt Coordinator


Dean Spanley    Stunt Coordinator

Good Bye Pork Pie 2016  Stunt Coordinator/ POD


Heaven    Stunt Coordinator


House Guest     Stunt Coordinator


Hopes & Dreams    Stunt Coordinator


Hunt For The Wilder People   Coordinator


Italian Job - Bollywood   Stunt Coordinator


Jack Brown Genius    Coordinator/ performer


Jack be Nimble    Stunt Performer


Kidnapped    Stunt Coordinator


Love Birds    Stunt Coordinator


Mad Mission 4 (Hong Kong)    Stunt Performer


Matariki    Coordinator/ rigger


No Way Out     Stunt Performer


Never Say Die    Stunt Performer

Orphans & Kingdoms    Stunt Coordinator


Other Side of Paradise    Stunt Performer


Ozzie/ Sydney    Coordinator/ rigger


Perfect Creature    Coordinator/ rigger


Perfect Strangers    Coordinator/ performer


Queen City Rocker    Coordinator/ performer


Siones Wedding    Stunt Coordinator


Siones’ 2    Coordinator/ performer


Shaker Run    Stunt Performer


Snakeskin    Coordinator/ performer


Spooked     Coordinator/ performer


Terror Peak    Stunt Coordinator


The Chosen    Coordinator/ performer

The Rehearsal  Stunt Coordinator

The Rescue    Stunt Performer


The Bridge (short film)    Coordinator/ rigger

The Y Project (Chinese)     Stunt Performer

The Strength of Water    Coordinator/ performer

Taking Liberties    Stunt Performer

The Tattooist     Stunt Coordinator

The Waterfall     Stunt Coordinator

Vector File     Stunt Coordinator

White Water summer     Stunt  Performer

Whole of the Moon     Coordinator/ performer

Whale Rider     Stunt Coordinator

Willow     Stunt Performer

Worlds  Fastest  Indian     Coord/ performer

And others



50 Ways to say Fabulous  Coordinator

800 Words  -

     3x seasons Stunt Coordinator

Agent Anna    Stunt Coordinator

Air Force Down 2    Coordinator/ performer

Amazon High    Coord/ performer/ rigger

Amazing Extraordinary Friends - 

    3x seasons    Stunt Coordinator

Apron Strings    Stunt Coordinator

Ash vs Evil Dead    Stunt Rigger

Bad Seeds   Stunt Coordinator

Being Eve –

        2x seasons    Coordinator/ performer

Billy T James Story    Stunt Coordinator

Bloodlines    Coordinator/ performer

Bombshell     Stunt Coordinator

Brokenwood Mysteries -  

        5x seasons    Coord/ performer

Brotherhood of the Rose    Stunt Performer

Brown Brothers    Stunt Coordinator

Boy from Andromedea    Stunt Coordinator

Burying Brian    Stunt Coordinator

City Life    Coordinator/ performer

Cleopatra 2525 -

    2x seasons    Coord/ performer/ rigger

Crash Course    Coordinator/ rigger/ driver

Diplomatic Immunity    Coordinator/ performer

Dirty Laundry    Stunt Coordinator

Duggan    Coordinator/ performer

Every Woman’s Dream    Stunt Coordinator

Fatal Contact-Bird Flu’ in America    Stunt Coordinator

Field Punishment 1    Stunt Coordinator

Filthy Rich   Stunt Coordinator

Forensics  1 & 2 Stunt Coordinator

Fresh Eggs  Stunt Coordinator

German TV Films NZ    Stunt Coordinator

Gold    Stunt Performer

Go Girls -

     4x seasons    Coordinator/ Performer

Golden    Stunt Coordinator

Greenstone    Stunt Coordinator

Harry    Coordinator/ performer

Hercules,  Legendary Journeys -

    5 X tele movies    Coord/ performer/ rigger

Hercules, Legendary Journeys –

    6X series (100+eps)    Coord/ performer/ rigger

Heroes    Coordinator/ Performer

Hi Octane DVDs    Coordinator/ Performer

Hillary    Coordinator/ Rigger

High Tide    Coordinator/ Performer

Interrogation    Stunt Coordinator

Jack of all Trades    Coord/ performer/ rigger

Jackie Brown Diaries    Coordinator/ rigger

Jackson’s Wharf -

       2x seasons    Coordinator/ performer

Johny Kapahala    Stunt Coordinator

Karma    Stunt Coordinator

Lets Get Inventing    Coordinator/ rigger

Maddigans  Quest    Coordinator/ rigger

Marlin Bay - 

     3x seasons    Coordinator/ performer

Mercy Peak –

       2x seasons    Coordinator/ performer

Mirror Mirror -

       2x seasons    Coordinator/ performer

Mission Impossible ( Aus)    Stunt Performer

McKenna     Pre production

Montana series    Coordinator/ Performer

Monsters    Coordinator/ stunt driver

Most Fun you can have Dying    Stunt Coordinator

Mysterious Islands    Coordinator/ Performer

Nothing Trivial -

    3x seasons    Coordinator, Performer

Nights in Garden of Spain    Stunt Coordinator

One West Waikiki    Coordinator/ Performer

Outrageous Fortune -

    6x seasons    Coordinator/ Performer

Plain Clothes    Coordinator/ Performer

Power Rangers -

    12x seasons (100+eps)    Coord/ rigger/ performer

Rainbow Warrior (NZ)    Stunt Performer

Rainbow Warrior (AUS)    Stunt Performer

Ray Bradbury series    Coordinator/ performer

Rescue 911    Stunt Performer

Ride with the Devil    Stunt Performer

Riverworld (pilot)    Coordinator/ rigger

Rude Awakenings    Stunt Performer

Safe House    Stunt Coordinator

Shortland Street –

    15+ seasons    Coordinator/ Performer

Secret Agent men – 2x seasons Coordinator/ rigger

Second Chance    Stunt Performer

Skyrunners    Coordinator/ rigger

Spies & Lies    Coordinator/ performer

Stolen Life    Stunt Coordinator

Street Legal    Coordinator/ Performer

Step Dave -

      2x seasons  Stunt Coordinator

The Almighty Johnsons

    3x seasons    Stunt Coordinator, performer/ driver

The Bill    Precision driver

The Blue Rose    Coordinator/ performer

The Cul-de-sac    Coordinator/ rigger

The Cult    Coordinator/ rigger

The Great Master (China) 1&2    Coordinator/ rigger

The Tribe-   series    Coordinator/ Performer

Terry & the Gunrunners    Stunt Performer

Topp Twins  -

     2X series    Coordinator/ Performer

Treasue Island    Stunt Coordinator

Venus & Mars    Stunt Coordinator

Underbelly    Stunt Coordinator

Under Siege    Stunt Coordinator

When We Go To War    Stunt Coordinator

Wendy Wu – Home coming warrior Coordinator/ rigger

Westside -

     4x seasons    Coordinator

White Fang    Coordinator/ Performer

Xena Warrior Princess -

    6X seasons (100+ eps)    Coord/ performer/ rigger

Young Hercules - tele feature  Coord/ performer/ rigger

Young Hercules –

    series (50eps)   Coordinator/ rigger

And others











AAMI    Coordinator/ rigger

Anchor   Stunt Coordinator

Actimel  Stunt Coordinator

Air New Zealand    Stunt Coordinator

Air beds    Stunt Coordinator

ANZ Bank    Stunt Coordinator

Audi    Stunt Coordinator

Auto Trader UK    Stunt Coordinator

AXA Insurance    Stunt Coordinator

Bacon NZ    Stunt Coordinator

Bank of America    Coordinator/ performer

Band Aid - bike    Stunt Coordinator

Band Aid - pirates    Stunt Coordinator

Berrocca    Coordinator/ rigger

BMW (USA)    Precision driver

Bonds    Coordinator/ rigger

BP Connect (USA)    Stunt Coordinator

BP  "Astronauts")    Stunt Coord/ rigger

Burger King    Precision driver

Cadburys    Coordinator/ rigger

Cadburys Easter    Coordinator/ rigger

Canada Goose   Coordinator/ rigger

Canadian Tire    Coordinator/ performer

Caltex    Coordinator/ performer

Capital One - Viigoths    Coordinator/ rigger

Capital One -  train    Stunt Coordinator

Castrol    Coordinator/ performer

Citroen    Precision driver

Coca Cola     Stunt performer

Coca Cola – pied piper    Stunt Coordinator

Cool Charm    Coordinator/ rigger

Camry (Aus)    Coordinator/ performer

Camry (Aus)    Coordinator/ rigger(camera)

Crunch    Stunt Coordinator

Cold Water Surf (UK)    Coordinator/ rigger

Daewoo    Precision Driver

Devondale Coffee    Coordinator/ rigger

Earthquake Commision x2    Coordinator/ rigger

ETA crisps    Coordinator/ rigger

Export Gold 33   Coordinator/ rigger

Farmers    Precision Driver

Fontera    Stunt Coordinator

Ford - several    Coordinator/ performer/ driver

Fosters    Coordinator/ rigger

Freeview    Coordinator/ rigger

Gladwrap    Coordinator/ rigger

Halifax  Human pyramids    NZ Coordinator

Hancook tyres    Precision driver

Holden - several    Coordinator/ performer/ driver

Honda - several    Coordinator/ performer/ driver

Hyundai (Aus)    Coordinator/ performer

Hyundai (Korea)    Coordinator/ performer

Instant Kiwi - several  Coordinator/ rigger

Irvine’s    Coordinator/ rigger

Jameson’s    Coordinator/ rigger

Jordan Tourism Board    Coordinator/ rigger

Kellogs bar    Stunt Rigger

Kellogs Winter Olympics   Coordinator/ rigger

Kellogs Just Right   Rigger

Kirrin Beer  Stunt Coordinator

KFC - several   Coordinator/ rigger

Les Mills International    Stunt/ Fight Coordinator

Lightbox Flying Moths"    Stunt Coord/ Rigger

Lipton Tea "Zorbs"    Stunt Coordinator

Road Safety campaigns:

LTSA - Licence    Coordinator/ rigger

LTSA - Mandom    Stunt Coordinator

LTSA – head on    Coordinator/ driver

LTNZ  - "spinning wheel"    Stunt Coordinator

LTNZ  - Intersections    Stunt Coordinator

LTNZ  - Intersections, pull out    Stunt Coordinator

LTNZ  - Intersections give way    Stunt Coordinator

LTSA  - drink drive country    Coordinator/ driver

LTNZ  - small mistakes     Stunt Coordinator

LTNZ - speeding     Stunt Coordinator

NZTA - staying Focused  Stunt Coordinator/ POD

Lasagne    Coordinator/ performer

Lech Beer    Stunt Coordinator

Lotto    Stunt Coordinator

Lunchables    Stunt Coordinator

Jack Links    Stunt Coordinator/ rigger

Kia Motors    Precision Driver

Kirin Beer   Coordinator/ rigger

Macquarie Insurance    Coordinator/ rigger

MBF Insurance    Stunt Coordinator

Milka  Stunt Coordinator/ ratchets/ rigging

Milo    Stunt Coordinator

Mizone    Stunt Coordinator

Mercedes    Coordinator/ performer

Mini Cooper    Stunt Coordinator

Mitsubishi    Precision Driver

Mondeo    Coordinator/ driver

Mercury Energy    Coordinator/ rigger

Mountain Dew    Coordinator/ rigger

MySky HDi    Coordinator/ rigger

Nestea    Stunt Rigger

Netflix    Coordinator/ rigger

Nicorette    Stunt Coordinator

Nissan - several   Stunt Coordi/ driver

Old Spice “Dangerzone”    Coordinator/ rigger

Old Spice "Moms"    Stunt Coordinator/ rigger

Opel    Coordinator/ performer

Philips - Spiderman  Stunt Coordinator/ rigging

Playstation – Rave 2 Quads    Stunt Coordinator

Playstation - Vivendi      Stunt Coordinator

Primo     Stunt Coordinator

Pump   Coordinator

Tele communications     Coordinator/ rigger

Quaker Crisps     Stunt Coordinator

Reactine     Coordinator/ Mbike 

Rebel Sport     Coordinator/ rigger

Robobank     Stunt Coordinator

Saab     Coordinator/ performer

Sea Lords     Coordinator/ rigger

Samsung "Gladiators"    Stunt Coordinator

Samsung "Smart TV"    Coordinator/ driver

Schweppes "Tumblers"    Coordinator/ rigger

Sears Winter Sale    Coordinator/ rigger

Sky "Come with us"     Coordinator/ rigger

Solo man    Stunt Coordinator

Sony 4k   Coordinator/ rigger

State Insurance "Break my Stride"   

Stunt Coordinator

State Insurance blue  Stunt Coordinator/Rigging

Streets ice cream     Stunt Coordinator

Sydney Herald    Coordinator/ rigger

Tegal     Stunt Coordinator

Telecom "Broadband"    Coordinator/ rigger

Telstra     Stunt Coordinator

Tiger Beer     Stunt Coordinator

Toffee Pops     Stunt Coordinator

Toyota - several    Coordinator/ driver          
Twisties     Stunt Coordinator

Twix (Europe)     Stunt Coordinator

Up & Go     Coordinator/ rigger

VW (German)     Precision Driver

U Bix     Stunt Performer

“V” Ladderesport”     Coordinator/ rigger

“V” Battlekarts    Coordinator/ driver

Uncle Tobys    Coordinator/ rigger

Vodafone video  calls –kayak &  wake boarder

                       Coordinator/ rigger

Vodafone ratchet     Coordinator/ rigger

VW Passat - cameras   Coordinator

Warehouse (several)  Stunt rigger

Westpac   Stunt Coord/ rigger (camera)

Westpac Rescue Helicopter   Coordinator/ rigger

White Pages     Coordinator/ rigger

Whittakers    Stunt Coordinator

Xbox "balloons"   Coordinator/ rigger

Xbox "parasail"   Stunt Coordinator

Yellow Pages     Stunt Performer

Zespri     Cablecam rigger

And others

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