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Stunt  Equipment

All stunt & rigging equipment 
Stunt Winch New Zealand

Motion Controlled

High Speed Winches


Motion Controlled 2D

High Speed 14ms


Payload 250kg


145mtr travel 6mm line

Stunt Descender



Realistic freefall speeds -

1.1m line out per rev.


Hydraulic descent speed control - infinite adjustment


240v reset winch -

adjustable speed & start


Push button belt tensioner for quick resets

Ratchet stunt New Zealand



Ratchet 1.6 & 3mtr stroke rams


Digitally timed Regulated - instant  reset


Large volume dump - multiple continuous fires 


Stunt air ram New Zealand

Nitro/ Air Ram


1.1mtr long


Digital timed


No lag

Truss & I beams


Box truss, plates and all fittings


High speed (silent) trolleys

Stunt Driving Pod

Driving Pod


Hyraulic power steering


Power Brakes


Very controlable low & high speed





Remote control full size vehicles NZ

Car Remote Control


1:1 Driving Ratio - realistic brake & accelerator control


E Stop module



Remote control full size vehicles NZ

   Equipment List


  • Air Ratchets (digital timed)

  • Air Rams (digital timed)

  • Descender - Hydraulic

  • Motion Controlled High Speed winches 14ms

  • Capstan winches - Remote control

  • Truss - box high load

  • Counter Weights

  • I beams & dollies (silent/ high speed)

  • Rigging kits - comprehensive, rated

  • Load Cell 5000kg

  • Weight bags (rig rehearsals)

  • Mini tramps


  • Fall Mats

          400mm baffled





  • Harness’

          Fly / swivel harness'

          Side somy / cartwheel harness'

          Jerk harness'

          Ankle harness'

          Industrial & Abseil harness'



  • Fire

          Fire extinguishers

          Fire protective clothing - multiple full burns

          Protective Gel


  • Vehicles

          Remote Control  system for full  size vehicles

          Driving Pods x 2  - power steer/ brakes

          Turn over, jump, kick & pipe ramps

          Canon kits - pneumatic/ nitro

          Safety harness' 5 point, race seats & fuel cells

          Car prep & roll cages, roll canons

          Fabrication workshop         

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