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Stunt & Camera Rigging

Stunt Descender rig
Stunt winch
Stunt rig descender New Zealand
  • Rig Design

  • Stunt Rigger

  • Truss Builds

  • High Speed Winches - motion controlled

  • Descender for Performer & Cameras


Wire Specialist for Performers & Camera using the latest technologies & techniques.


Performer & Camera Motion Control High Speed Winches & Hydraulic Descender


Specializing in the design, build & coordination of complex rigging sequences.

(utilising my mechanical engineering background)


Having rigged  performers on on a daily basis for 8 years on the Hercules & Xena series in the early 90's through to recent 12+ years of  Power Rangers and many other succesful series, features & commercials  I have carried out 1000’s of successful set ups from manual Hong Kong style to technical machine operated wire rigging.


Working in many extreme locations I have had to manage geo tech, element and height  issues to erect  truss & load bearing structures.


For most rig builds I design a 3D CAD drawing to enable production interaction at an early stage.


By following a strict set of industry & self imposed protocols I have a safety & performance record 2nd to none.



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